Fundamentals of Terlusollogy
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Author: Christian Hagena
Title: Fundamentals of Terlusollogy. Practical Application of a Bipolar Constitutional Model. An Empirical Medicine/Naturopathy Guide
Translation from German: Achim Hartmann
ISBN 978-606-996-879-6

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    Terlusollogy is the experimental science that works with the polarizing influences of the sun and the moon on living beings, particularly on humans.

    The word Terlusollogy is made up of the first syllable of the Latin words Terra (Earth), Luna (Moon), and Sol (Sun)—cosmic bodies seen as the pillars of our direct-experience universe—plus the Greek word logos (word; in this context: science).

    Terlusollogy develops a healing and behavioral methodology that concentrates on the individual needs and abilities of people as influenced by the sun and the moon. It demonstrates that there are two respiratory or constitutional types based on the influence of the three celestial bodies and offers two different approaches in bettering people's lives based on the two types.


    In the Author’s Words:


    Since Erich Wilk’s passing, my mother and I have tried to uphold his reputation. He was far ahead of his time and science would be well advised to review his ideas. If the universities would at least make an attempt to refute terlusollogy, then much would be gained. We are firmly convinced that science will not succeed in exposing the theses of terlusollogy as false. The successes are too great—if you consider, for example, that, in disabled people with epileptic seizures, the number of events decreases significantly just by eating the correct type of food; and existing spasticity improves significantly as a result of the physical exercises.

    The breathing types discovered by Erich Wilk are of enormous fundamental importance. In times of scarce financial resources, terlusollogy could save enormous amounts of money. Every citizen would have the advantage of being able to take care of his or her own health in a simple and inexpensive way. An infant who receives the correct type of nutrition from the beginning experiences long-lasting health and thrives excellently and will be balanced and cheerful. Only rarely (if ever) will he suffer an infection.

    So one could enumerate many more examples, but doing that will be the subject of this book. We hope that in as many people as possible the seed of Erich Wilk—today called terlusollogy—will sprout.

    Christian Hagena