Reflections. Haiku
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Autor: Radu Șerban

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    Somewhere over the Fragrance of Linden Trees

    Mr. Radu Şerban is one of the most representative Haijin in Europe who grasped the spirit of HAIKU.
    He always says that the simple transplant of HAIKU from Japanese to other languages is not desirable. Yes, we should not do so by only imitating the format of Japanese HAIKU.
    But we, all people of the world, are able to share the very spirit of HAIKU, in essential meaning.
    One of the most important spirit of HAIKU is the coexistence of people with nature, moreover the assimilation of them.
    And another one is the quintessence of simple poetry-haiku. Mr. Radu Şerban says, the “simplicity” gives the power to survive in this increasingly sophisticated world and the power to unite each other in this incredibly alienated society.
    Yes, HAIKU has the potential to resist these tendencies of the modern world.
    I can find Mr. Şerban’s spirit of HAIKU everywhere in this book of poem “Reflections.”
    I opened a page indiscriminately, then found the page fulfilled with fragrance of linden trees. For me fragrance of linden is “the sign of Erewhon.”

    strong fragrance's arm
    above the linden tree's
    crown knocks at my window.

    The simple strong words can make realistic imagination to the reader, we can say “Look! here is the HAIKU spirit.”
    Then, I opened another page. To my surprise, there happened to appear a linden Poem again.
    As if they are playing in a miniature, several bees are swarming, dancing and singing summer coming songs.

    swarming in round dance
    the bees and linden flowers–
    droning fragrances.

    To paint a miniature by a simple shining word is an unmistakable method of HAIKU.
    Indeed, Mr. Radu Şerban must be a humble member of Basho’s diaspora in the world!

    Tousen Nishiike
    President of Himawari Haiku Association, Japan