Dracfried. Dracula versus Diesel - Ed. limba germană

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Autor: Cornel Stan
ISBN 978-606-996-041-7

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    ADracfried: Dracula versus Diesel by worldwide known expert in car engines Professor Cornel Stan is a captivating vampire novel, presenting Dracula’s history as well as the history of Dracula’s offsprings, coming all the way down to present-day Transylvania.

    In the midst of a huge international scandal in the automobile world, triggered by handling pollutant emis­sions, a young and brave hero aspires, from Transylvania, to the stars: Siegfried–laughed at, but also feared, under the nickname of Dracfried. On his way, Dracfried doesn’t ride the broomstick, but a motorcycle with absolutely visionary technique.
    The hero isn’t a magician, but he pushes his limits to physics’ boundaries, which he uses to create revolutionary propulsion systems. His existence, however, is determined by a form of metaphysics, fascinating and unexplainable, which seems to be related to the legendary Count Dracula of Transylvania.
    Until one day...

    Cornel Stan delivers lectures on mobility of the future, from Saxony and Paris to California and Transylvania. After two dozen specialized books that have been translated into several languages, he published his first novel, Carmakers, which is welcomed by readers. His writer career continues with Dracfried, who is just starting his hero career.

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