Synapses Interview
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Autor: Tiberiu Popovici

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Autor: Tiberiu Popovici

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This is a book about people and computers.

On a production line, a new machine is born. It’s the machine called personal computer (PC), very popular nowadays. It gets on your desk and it serves your daily needs related to immortality. 


With its help, you create a Wikipedia or Facebook account, or you share every day moments on your Twitter account. 

Yes, it’s possible! This is a primitive form of immortality. Therefore, information travels and survives in the network, for how long? Forever! 

Even this primitive form of networking can give information a life where there is no fear for an end. When the machine stops working, it will be taken away, but the information will still be in the network; for as long as the network exists, your profile will be there. You will buy a new PC and you will continue to feed the world with information, and you will contribute to the interaction of all the knots in the network.