Diagnosis Happiness

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Autor: Laurențiu Lupu
ISBN 978-606-716-592-0

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    Diagnosis: Happiness by doctor Laurenţiu Lupu is a personal development book that speaks about the nature and practice of happiness in our lives. The author of this work also has published volumes of poetry and aphorisms.

    Although each of us has a vague idea about what happiness is, we all believe it’s important; we say we’re in search for it, or we’re “running” after it! Some say it means feeling good; others say it’s joy, pleasure! 

    How can we desperately want something we know nothing about? Why is it so important to be happy? Why do we “learn” how to be happy from “masters?” Why happiness is a little something that matters?

    There’s a simple answer: people don’t want to suffer; they don’t want to be sad; they don’t want pain, scarcity; they want joy, success! In their mind, all this is happiness, but in a reverse order: first success, money, etc., then pure happiness, as if happiness were a consequence. It’s not!

    No, no, no… happiness has nothing to do with money, with success, with pain, with sadness! You can be poor, even sick, and, as a paradox, you can be happy! Why?

    Because happiness is a weird condition! It can come out of the blue, without any apparent reason, as a feeling of beatitude, ecstasy, extreme joy… a condi­tion you cannot compare with anything else, because there’s nothing comparable to it… and, suddenly it can disappear as fast as it came.

    What is out there that brings happiness over to us?

    Read this book and learn what happiness really is and how you can make it your own way of living.