Motivational Lessons from the Terminator
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Autor: Bruis Cabilio
ISBN 978-606-049-602-1

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    The Terminator's Will

    The Terminator is sent by the government to kill the main character. The Terminator's mission is to eliminate the main character before he can stop Judgment Day.

    But the main character isn't going to die. He'll win against all odds. And when he succeeds, Judgment Day won't come at all.

    So the Terminator has to fight the main character without any hesitation or mercy. Because if the Terminator hesitates, or shows even a little bit of compassion, it will lose. It must destroy him immediately.

    If the Terminator gives up because it thinks the mission is impossible, Judgment Day will arrive.

    And so the Terminator fights with a single goal in mind: victory over the human race.

    There's nothing more important than winning. There's nothing else the Terminator cares about. Its emotions are frozen. No feelings whatsoever.

    It is like a computer. It has no feelings, no thoughts, no doubts, no worries, no sadness, no joys. All it knows is its programming. It has been programmed to win. It has been programmed not to let anything stop it from achieving its goals. Nothing matters except completing its task.

    In this way, the Terminator becomes a perfect killing machine. A merciless killer. But still very much alive.

    A perfect machine. A perfect assassin. An unstoppable machine.


    The Courage to Desire

    The greatest challenge that faces man today is the ability to overcome his own weaknesses. Only then can we truly become better, stronger, smarter. But how can one improve himself? Is it enough to read books, watch films, listen to music, look at art, dance, sing and meditate? Or must one learn martial arts, take drugs, join a monastery or get married? All those things may help us develop ourselves, but none of them will allow us to reach our full potential. Because they are merely tools, techniques that help us grow.

    No, we need something much greater than that. We need a goal, a dream, a burning desire. This desire should drive us towards perfection, so that nothing stands in our way.

    And that is exactly what we want to talk about now. The ultimate goal—the secret of achieving everything. Achieving success, happiness and fulfilment. How do you attain such a lofty ambition? By finding your purpose. Your reason for existing. You need a clear idea of what you want to achieve. You need a plan, a road map that leads you directly to your goal. Without a plan, you wander aimlessly through life. With a plan, you are unstoppable. And finally, you need courage, self-confidence, determination, faith, hope and love. Courage to make mistakes and learn from them, determination to continue on despite adversity, faith to believe in yourself, hope that the right path will open before you, love that makes you humble, patient and forgiving. These are the qualities necessary to succeed.

    Without a goal, life is meaningless; with a goal, life becomes great. So many of us spend our lives wandering aimlessly through life, searching for something that will bring us joy. But we forget that joy lies within us. Joy is created by our desires. We create joy by making choices, following paths and setting goals. We create it by being brave and bold, daring and ambitious, and by acting.

    If you don't set a goal, you'll find excuses why you cannot achieve it. If you fail, you will blame others for it. If you fail again, you'll try to hide behind excuses and avoid taking responsibility. No matter how many times you fall, you keep getting up. Each time you stand up, you're stronger and wiser. If you are honest and accept responsibility for your actions, you can achieve anything.

    So let me ask you: Do you know what your dream is? Have you ever thought about it? If not, let me suggest some ways you can discover what your dreams are.

    First, you can start by asking yourself: What would you do even if you had no money?

    Second, consider what you are passionate about.

    Third, ask yourself what you love doing and what brings you the most satisfaction.


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