The Touch. A Novel

The Touch. A Novel

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Author: Cliff Azaria

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A fascinating action & fantasy novel: The Touch by Cliff Azaria



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James Hoover is a bright young journalist who writes for a respected science magazine. A promising career lies before him, and his wife Betty loves him very much and helps him in everything. Moreover, she accepts an oddity of James that he had shared only with her and a close trusted friend: sometimes, unexpectedly, he is tormented by a terrifying vision: sections of the walls of the building he is in start undulating and moving towards him. The vision is always accompanied by an acute feeling of terror. James can’t find any rational explanation for this strange phenomenon.

Everything begins to change the moment James is sent by the magazine’s editor-in-chief to a scientific conference organized in a city in Switzerland. There he has the pleasant surprise of meeting an old university friend, without suspecting for a second that this apparently accidental meeting is part of a bizarre plan conceived by Nala and Harisha, two people who live in an isolated palace, somewhere in a remote secluded part of the world.

In a different corner of the world, a doctor desperately tries to persuade his son to give up drugs, but without success. Later, when he finds out that his son has been murdered in a fire exchange between the police and some drug dealers, the doctor falls into an inexplicable coma. His desperate wife doesn’t yet understand that even this coma is part of the plan of the two people: Nala şi Harisha…

James focuses on the events at the Swiss conference, not yet realizing that the presented topics will help him later to understand the terrible hallucinations with the walls that move. He will also finally and painfully understand what Nala and Harisha want from him…