What Is Your Mission on Earth?

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Autor: Carmina Harr

Autor: Carmina Harr
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The author of this book tells us: I wanted this book to be a primer for those in course of awakening. I used a simple language; I chose many examples from daily life, just to provide a better comprehension of the ideas I wanted to express. I did not want it to be a spiritual or philosophical book. I did not label it. It just is! Until recently, my mind did not understand the meaning of being “an enlightened person.” I thought this fancy word was used only by the people who think about themselves they are spiritual and all they do is to feed their ego with ideas according to which they know the ultimate truth. This word, “enlightenment”, is promoted by believers or spiritual people as something sacred, untouchable. But, beyond this word’s labels, “enlightenment” means in fact simplicity, modesty, freedom, peace, and love. You do not have to think with your mind about this word. It is so simple that your mind hasn’t got the slightest idea. Why? Because it is too simple. We do not have to waste time with what others say about spirituality or about the soul’s evolution. Its truth is its own truth. It is the version through which the soul got to this point of conscience. We do not have to see it as something great, as a master who must be sacredly worshiped and obeyed. The enlightened individuals never resort to information from the outside, because they know all they want to know resides within. There is nothing from outside they need. (Carmina Harr)