Acrobatics over the World’s Tear. Poems

Acrobatics over the World’s Tear. Poems

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Author: Veronica Stănei Macoveanu
Translator: Adriana Crăciun

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Veronica Stănei Macoveanu has a distinct lyrical voice, with a personal philosophical vision integrating Man into the Universe. By this integration, the telluric vibration, limited in time and space of our souls harmonizes with the spiritual, mysterious and unrestrained dimension, which returns us to divinity. In her poetry, the ephemeral and the eternal search for each other and intertwine in a constant struggle, becoming twins.


Vasile Poenaru


Let Night be a White Road to the Day


This unknown overwhelms me

with infinity greater than we can encompass

This unknown overwhelms me

out of which beautiful and filthy things come out

disturbing, empowering things

Is there a juggler too, a magician

with dark heart

No, absolutely no, we do not want reality

have two faces, one turned to Good

and another turned to evil

sacrificing for the sake of dynamism

for the sake of multiplying variants

No, absolutely no, we do not want that

energy have two changing valences

good and evil

No, we do not want white to become black

overnight, but let night be

a white road to the day



Until Final Light


Your thought drops in the ocean

of planetary thoughts

Do not pollute, do not poison with your thoughts

but get this beauty flourish

How to get rid of sadness, of pettiness

inside us, with a formula for everyone, general

so that not just individually shall we skip stages


Our tears do not purify

the Universe I wonder

Our frozen road

at the edge of time

Inevitable winners that pay

so bitterly every step

For you are not only you, but you are they

you feel them trapped inside your heart

victims of earthquakes, victims of famine

but also those with cathedral souls

There are fresh corpses now bloody in fratricide

on the rivers of Rwanda, on her land

How many Rwandas will survive I wonder

to ultimate Light


Veronica Stănei Macoveanu

Acrobatics over the World’s Tear