Anelyzia – Before the Beginning. A Novel

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    Author: Francesca Maria Banetti
    ISBN 978-606-996-515-3

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    I do not know how many of us still have memories of the place where we live before we begin our long or short journey on The Blue Planet. Millions of children awaiting the great adventure, thousands of colors intermingle and create an existential conglomerate; a chain of images and sounds forms the outline of everything that represents this world so new to some, and yet here for an eternity. If I were to choose a single word to describe it, I would choose perennial, but it would not be enough to embrace it and understand it in its fullness. This inimitable world offers more than what the senses are accustomed to discover, sight to observe, touch to palpate, smell to sniff, taste to explore, and hearing to listen.

    Francesca Maria Banetti


    Francesca Maria Banetti is a former manager at a top 5 worldwide online market research and analysis company. She was born in Petroșani, a mountain town in Romania, in a family whose members have artistic leanings. She was educated to express herself freely although she spent much of her childhood during the communist period, which led to her development as a social being.

    In 2004 she graduated from the Faculty of Psychosociology, which helped her to understand the motivations behind the personality, character and human behavior.

    After completing her studies, she left her hometown and moved to Bucharest, where she began her career as a data analyst. After more than ten years, she gave up her corporate career to dedicate herself to a dream that brought her happiness and fulfillment, namely the pleasure of writing, expressing her imagination and authenticity through words, creating unknown and fascinating worlds for all the readers who want to step into the realm of fantasy and relive the joy of being a child.