How to Succeed in Life

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Autor: Marius Mocanu

Autor: Marius Mocanu
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This is how the author describes this book:

I wrote this book, on which I have worked two years, to advise you how to succeed in your relationship and in your day to day life. Two years of assiduous work, documentation and detailed study, to finally write a complete book about communication and personal individual development. It’s true that everything is generalized, each family and person having their own particularities, because each individual is unique in their own way, but most of what I have written below will help you to see life in a different light.

I felt the need to write this book when most of the people I know (friends, family, neighbors, etc.) didn’t believe that I could still do something constructive with my life. After attending a junior school and a high-school, with a university diploma which is not recognized, with 22 years of marriage, partially failed, with 10 years dedicated to drinking, due to the ten years of absolute confusion and friendship with the alcohol, I have finally come, at 44 years of age, and I said to myself when I stopped drinking—five years ago—to do something constructive with my life, which up till now was a total disaster. And here is how this book was born, a book that totally represents me and I recommend you to read it all the way through. And here is what came out!

It is important to make our life easier so we can have a civilized living and harmony inside our family and in our daily life. There are some very important general rules that we have to take into account. Life is beautiful, but we can contribute to its beauty also by applying some behavior, communication and personal development rules.
Maybe everything you’ll read, you already know, but, by not applying what you already know, it may be too late to fix some of the mistakes you have made. So, I advise you to take into consideration everything I will write below and I promise you you will enjoy a more beautiful, more harmonious family life which you will be able to take pride in.

The book has two parts: the first one gives you deep knowledge of the essential rules we should live by; and the second part discusses rules and personal communication essentials within the family. I detail what we have to do from childhood to the last breath in order to succeed in life.t.