Observing from a Distance. Poems

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    Adaugă în coș

    Author: Kristina Buric

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    This poetry volume brings readers an enticing lyrical voice, playing soft hidden music on lines vibrating as guitar strings.

    The poems welcome you with their surprising images and unexpected original ideas:





    I couldn’t sleep today, not even yesterday,

    but I’ve tried anyway.

    The funny thing with that is

    not to think so much and try to go to bed

    with the clearest head.


    I couldn’t sleep today, not even yesterday,

    I guess, the problem was not thinking straight,

    letting my worries to sit well

    and here began my hell.


    I couldn’t sleep today, not even yesterday.

    An uninvited visitor came to my door,

    playing around and taking my sleep away.

    His mission was not to help, but rather to

    mess with me I guess.


    I couldn’t sleep today, not even yesterday,

    I’ve tried, again and again, to fall asleep,

    but my effort was in vain.

    I could either accept him or reject him.

    He didn’t want to quit or to submit.

    He continued with torturing and I had no sleep,

    so I decided to sit, to cool my head a bit …


    “Hey, you uninvited guest, it’s time for you to

    leave this place!” I am not afraid to look into

    your face and all my worries to embrace.

    The truth is said! It’s my time, to go to bed, to find

    sleep and dream deep!

    It’s my time, to sleep tight saying to you “good night!”

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